Press Release

PlayMaker CRM Mobile App A First for the Home Care Industry

FRANKLIN, Tennessee–Thursday, August 9th, 2012 – PlayMaker CRM offers the first & only native Mobile CRM app in the home care industry developed specifically for iOS (iPhone™, iPad™) and Android™ devices, allowing account executives access to critical information – even without Internet connectivity.

PlayMaker CRM Mobile App allows home care sales and marketing professionals to easily access up-to-date information related to critical referral source profiles, scheduled events, and previous visit and call notes while working in the field, even without an Internet connection. In addition, the recently released Mileage Tracker simplifies the tracking process for account executives and allows companies to easily reimburse based on a pre-defined rate.

“When clients started asking us about their desire to work offline, we immediately set to work to develop an application that would allow account executives to access their data anytime and anywhere, regardless of Internet connectivity,” says Adam Bishop, Founder of PlayMaker CRM. “The result is a cross-platform application that works seamlessly with the main PlayMaker application.”

Although PlayMaker CRM is Web-based, PlayMaker CRM Mobile App is an installed application designed specifically for iOS and Android devices, such as iPhone™, iPad™, HTC EVO™, Samsung Galaxy Tab™ and others. The mobile app encourages efficiency online – and offline. Account executives no longer have to wait until evening or weekends to input information about their sales activities. They can enter visit and call notes, schedule events, and enter expenses throughout the day, and simply sync any new information to their PlayMaker account when connectivity becomes available.

“The PlayMaker CRM Mobile App is a perfect example of our commitment to providing the home care industry with the innovative tools needed to be both efficient and effective,” says Bishop.

The app is available as a free download to PlayMaker CRM customers on Apple App Store and Google Play (formerly Android Market).